Device : Manual Swipe Magnetic Card Reader / Writer
Model : WBTH-2000 Series
Communication Type : USB, RS-232
Specification : Reading & Writing on Track I-II-III
About WBTH-2000 Series

WBT-2000 is manual swipe Magnetic Card reader/writer terminals with RS-232 or USB interface. It supports ISO, IBM , DIN & ANSI standard and can read/write ISO I, II, III track. You can use of WBTH-2000 for many application such as :
- POS Terminal
- Bank System
- Access Control
- Membership system
- Time Attendance.

WBTH-2000 Features :
- Low power consumption
- Hi-co & Lo-co Read & Write
- Compact Size (220mm)
- Support magnetic card / bankbook
- Single track/ Dual track / Triple track read
Download PDF Document of WBTH-2000
   Interface RS232/USB
   Operation speed  10-150 cm/sec, Read;  10-100CM/SEC, Write
   Error rate Less than 0.5%JSE test card   
   Operation place Indoor  
   Track width 1.5mm
   Head life At least 500,000 times 
   Identify efficiency Above 99.5% 
   Card standard ISO 7811/2  
   Track I(IATA), II (ABA), III (MINTS)  
   Track location ISO1 (IATA), ISO2 (ABA), ISO3 (MINTS)
   Recording density 210 BPI, 75 BPI, 210 BPI   
   Record character 79, 40, 107
   Card thickness 0.76 ± 0.08 mm   
   Track width  1.5mm 
   Voltage   +5 V DC   ± 5%
   Current Read: <100mA;  Write: <100mA (Lo-co), <700mA (2750oe, dual tracks)
  <2.0A (4000oe, triple tracks)
   Operate temperature and humidity  -10°C~50°C,  20~90% RH 
   Storage temperature and humidity  -30°C~70°C, Less than 95% RH
Physical characteristics
   Dimension 65mm(W) x 215mm(L) x 61mm(H)
   Weight Approx. 1~1.5kg