Device : RFID Read Only 125Khz Module
Model : ID-20
Frequency : 125 KHz
Specification : Reading Distance 16+ Cm , Card Type EM 4001 , Baud Rate 9600(Default) , Interface TTL/RS232/Wiegand26/Magnetic ABA
About ID-20
ID-20 is a small RFID reader module that support ASCII, Wiegand26 and Magnetic ABA Track2 data formats. The RFID reader ID-20 is a very simple to use RFID reader module and with built in antenna ID-20 can read Tag ID from 16+ Cm distance.
ID-20 has some PINs for connecting Buzzer, LED, reset bar and etc.
Specific features of ID-20 such as : Small size (4 square Cm) , Reading distance with built in antenna and low-range power consumption (from 3V to 5.5V) will help you to make different devices and applications.

ID-20 RFID Reader Module
 Download PDF Document of ID-20 Series
Voltage  5 VDC (± 5%)
Current  55mA 
Frequency of Card Type 125 KHz
Reading Distance (Internal Antenna)  0~16 Cm 
Reading Distance (External  Antenna)   Not support  
Interface  RS232/TTL/Wiegand26/Magnetic ABA Track2
Baud Rate 9600BPS 
Temperature   Work: 0°C~ + 60°C Reserve: -20°C ~ + 60°C 
Humidity Work: 20 %~ 90% RH Reserve:5% ~ 95% RH 
Dimension 38mm X 40mm X 7mm