Device : UHF Linear Polarization Antenna
Model : MR651C
Frequency : Standard ISM 902~928MHz or ISM 865~868MHz
Specification : Linear Antenna Horizontal 40 Degree and Vertical 39 Degree
About MR651C
This product can connect with MR series separated readers, has the function of data collection, and can be used widely in all kinds of RFID systems, the typical applying situation is like the following indicated:
1. Logistics and warehouse Management: Goods flow, warehouse management, and the flowing management of mail, parcel, luggage.
2. Intelligent parking Management :Parking management and automatic charge
3. Productive lines Management: Production process fixed Identification
4. Product counterfeit-proof inspection: Using memory’s write-protect functions inside tags, and identifying with true-false of products
5. Other fields: Used widely in club management, library, student’ school, consumption management, time management, dinner management, pool management.
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Model MR651C  
Operation Frequency ISM 902~928MHz, ISM865~868MHz
Gain 12dBi
Horizontal (3dB) 40 degree
Vertical (3dB) 39 degree
Front-back more than 25dB
Polarization Linear
Impedance (Ω) 50
VSWR <1.2
Maximum Input Power (W) 500
Connector SMA/N
IM.3rd Order(2x43dBm) <-150dBc
Lightning Protection Direct Ground 
Dimensions 440*440*42mm
Net weight 1.5KG
Radom Material ABS/Glass fiber
Bracket Weight 0.5kg                
Rated Wind Velocity 120 km/h
Working Temp -25~85C