Device : Four Port USB Wall Socket
Model : 4P-USB
Standards : USB
Specification : 4x USB DC 5V/2100mA
1. Put ordinary power socket with USB DC power supply socket combination creatively, eliminate the need to carry the USB charger or use computer USB power supply.
2. Concise ,fashion, bright line of international popular design perfect interpretation of modern aesthetics, and suitable for all decorative style.
3. The panel use high quality PC material, high toughness, impact resistance, flame retardant properties.
4. Socket copper use high quality tin phosphor bronze, high strength, good elasticity, not deformation, high conductivity.
5. USB protection door which could be opened, can effectively protect the USB charging interface.
6. 2100mA large charging current save more charging time, supports large capacity battery terminal like table PC, also supports a variety of mobile phone, MP3 and other USB terminal.
7.USB charging interface support more devices charging at the same time.
USB Wall Outlet
Power Port No
Max Power Voltage ---
Max Current Power ---
Size 86*86mm
Materials PC/Steal
Color WHITE/Silver Steal
USB Ports 4 x Standard USB Port 5V
Max Current USB 2100mA